Polished Concrete, Concrete Sealing & Densifier Floors | Sydney's Trusted Floor Polishing Company
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    Polished Concrete

    Turn your home or business into an icon with stunning polished concrete floors! Revitalize & impress with our concrete polishing services.

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    Floor Polishing

    Floor polishing is the easiest & most cost effective way to bring your natural stone, marble, terrazzo & concrete floors back to life.

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    Sealed Concrete

    With our expert knowledge & years of experience, we encourage our clients to choose Sealed Concrete surfaces to get the most out of their restoration work.

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    Densifier Floor

    We use different methods of polishing concrete, including adding a densifier solution; we have observed that the overall results are better with it added.

M.B.S Tiling and Polishing

When the flooring is in a good condition, looking clean and shiny, not many people pay attention to it. However, if it is dull and dirty looking, it immediately stands out. In your place of business, the aesthetics can have a powerful impact on your customer. If your property looks old and ill-maintained, you might lose customers. Maintenance is vital to ensure that the flooring looks great at all times and that there are no problems down the line. Cleaning and polishing regularly ensures that the floors look good and any damage can be repaired quickly.

M.B.S Tiling and Polishing can help you there! Keep your floors sparkling and clean with the help of our polishing experts. Whenever you feel that your floor is starting to look dull and faded, give us a call. We have several years of experience and know how to make floors shine without damaging them.

i285415639376233975._szw1280h1280__304x180_acf_croppedAccurate Quote and Affordable Services

When you hire us, we first inspect the site we need to work on. Once we have assessed the ground, we give you a quote. Our services are of high quality, but our prices are still affordable. Our goal is to provide the best quality work we can, as we have the technology and the skill to do it.

Any Floor, Any Time 

Not all floors are the same. We cannot use the same treatment for your marble surface that we use on a concrete one. We keenly observe the material used before picking the polishing method and materials. We can polish any kind of floor, whether it is concrete, natural stone, terrazzo tiles, etc. You do not need to worry about us damaging your surface. We know how to work with different materials delicately and precisely.

Latest Tools and Equipment

We do not just have experience and skill, but also the resources to complete the work in an expert manner. Our diamond grinders and polishers are ready to take on any task. We have everything from the Terrco 4 header polisher to a high speed buffer to ensure the best results. Do not hesitate to call M.S.B Tiling and Polishing on 0499 88 6640. You can also email us at mbspolishingservices@gmail.com. We will reply as soon as possible.