Densifier Floors

If the surface of your concrete floor is soft, it is more liable to lose its polish and become dusty and dull. By adding a densifier, we harden the surface and seal it with treatments. It makes the polish last longer and look better. It is possible to polish concrete without adding a densifier, but in some cases, adding it improves the quality of the surface.

At M.S.B Tiling and Polishing, we use different methods of polishing concrete, including adding the hardener; we have observed that the overall result is better with it added. When our clients ask for our opinion, we are quick to recommend opting for Densifier Floors.

i285415639376234075._szw1280h1280_How do we use it?

Densifiers come in liquid form and usually look similar to water. We pour the chemical over the surface before running our grinder over it. Depending on the surface, we might have to apply the treatment a few times to achieve the desired result. We allow the desifier to saturate the surface for about 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the surface. It is only after the complete saturation that we run our grinder over it.

The Benefits of Densifier Floors

There are several benefits of polishing your concrete floors using this method. The most apparent benefits are listed here.

  • The chemical’s primary purpose is to harden the surface and that’s exactly what it does. By applying the densifier to your concrete floors, we harden the surface. That allows for a better polish.
  • Harder surface also ensures that the colour or staining of the concrete is locked in. If you have applied colour to your concrete, you will find that it stays on longer if a densifier is applied over it.
  • The polish is more durable. You will not have to polish the floors as frequently if you use the chemical.
  • The floors are more resistant to staining and scratches. They are also easier to clean.

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